sometimes we need someone to talk yg wont judge us, x potong ckp, x compare prob/life dia, empathy, its ok x fully understanding pon just listen carefully.


I got call from UPM offered me to cont my degree in OSHE. but, I said I cant do it right now for some reasons. Plus, I still have a lot of unfinished task to do and my employer said they cant give permission for me to leave yet due to my unconfirmed position in my job. I dont know whether I've done a right decision or not. Why I feel menyesel? I dont know what to think or do right now. I just feel so numb.

Tak happy kenapa teruskan?

Assalamualaikum & Hello.

Im having some hard times lately. Its just too hard for me, accepting all the things i dont like.

Dia punya perasaan was like, "ibarat kena kahwin aturan parent, cuba utk terima n go with the flow supaya dpt barakah from parent n try to be a good daughter. But, but, indah khabar dari rupa. Try my best to accept all the flaws but i was trapped into a big deep hole. Try to adapt my new 'marriage-like' life but i realize im not happy with my new life ni. Try to be grateful for having amazing and everyone dream's 'husband' but still there is some kind of empty feeling that i have been going through."

Entah lah wei. Hati hari-hari tanya sampai bila boleh bertahan ni?

p/s : sorry for my broken english. will improve it.