I'm not the type of person who love to wear watch. But, since my sister gave me a watch as a gift, I always wear it whenever I going out. Do you know that watch can describe your personality. How you wear it, what type of watch you wear or which hand you wear watch. These can tell what type of person you are.

The watch a woman chooses to wear actually tells others the true personality and status of a person. Watches are an accessory for women to use in order to perk up their outfits rather than jewelleries. The watch pieces also help a person tell the time without having to glance at their cell phones the entire day. Besides, watches are designed by many brand nowadays based on the latest fashion trends. Women can find a vast selection of watch designs from simple to exclusive elements available in the market. However, what is the true meaning behind the watches a woman chooses to flaunt. For the ladies who prefer a leather strap watch, they are seen by other as someone who likes simplicity while maintaining a stylish look. It shows that you are a person who abides by the rules, soft spoken and love all the simple things in life. Other than that, leather strap watches has that versatile look to them that can be matched with any outfit you have.

However, the ladies who wear a stainless steel gold watch designed with Swarovski crystals are seen to be an individual opposite from the leather strap ones. The individuals are observed as someone who is successful, elegant and sophisticated. The women are portrayed to be someone who is confident in herself and always brave to try out her dreams. Other than that, the gold watch represents a sense of exclusiveness and professional for the career women.

The third watch which can represent a woman’s personality is the statement watches. The statement watches are designed for the ladies who want to create a playful fun look in their appearance. Women can choose from the many creative designs offered and wear them for a fun day out. It shows that a woman is easy going, friendly and very approachable. It can be a signal to the public that you are easy to talk to and be friends with. If you are wondering where you can get new watches to show off your personality to others, check out ZALORA for an extensive range of watches for women online from various brands available.

Make it to me dearling.

please make it to me.. im waiting for you dearling..

Allah pandang usaha.


Allah pandang usaha.
usaha untuk lulus exam,
usaha untuk masuk syurga,
usaha untuk berubah jadi baik,
usaha untuk istiqamah,
teruskan berusaha dan jangan putus asa
sebab Allah tak suka orang yang cepat putus asa.
Allah pandang usaha,
Allah tak pandang 'outcome' atau kejayaan
sebab kejayaan tu Allah yang bagi.
Manusia yang pandang kejayaan.
Allah pandang usaha. 

Short story of Three of Us

i miss our friendship.. three of us.. sorry ive been a bad friend toward u guys.. im a bad friend, im a bad girl, im a bad person.. tak harap utk rapat mcm dulu cuma berharap silaturrahim yg terjalin antara kita x pernah putus.. tq 4 all the good deeds, things n memories we had shared together.. hanya Allah yg mmpu membalas jasa korg.. aku doakan korg happy2 selalu..

i want to post this at wechat or ig but i have no guts to do that.. just slice of hope that her close friend will read this post and tell her about it and she'll know that i miss her n still love her n want to remain as her friend.. yess im such a coward.. and I'm sorry for everything..

p/s: rindu nak main roller-coaster.. last time i rode it 3 rounds.. muahaha..

Saddest part in life...

Life is simple, if it has too much complications, it is your choice. Your family, friends and neighbors or even colleagues, all these people plays a role in your life. It is just a matter of how you allow these people to affect you and the way you live your life.

Neighbors and colleagues, the least person whom you can count on... still you can count on them. Believe it or not, you must be good to them. They say "do not do unto others, what you don't want others do unto you", and it is true, "Respects begot respect". These people will help you in every simple thing they can.

Your neighbor which can bring you food if you forgot to cook, help you when you scream because there is a stranger in your backyard, looked after your house if you have an out-of-town. Simple things but we weren’t able to notice.

Your colleague whom you can talked to in times of idle moment in office (well, I’m not saying you continue talking in the office while office hours but at least the times you both has nothing to do). They are the one who will support you when you don’t know what to do in the office because your manager doesn’t allow you to do anything, their reason… “is because you don’t know what they are doing”… wow… too humiliating… but you  cannot defend yourself because you are just a newly hired foreigner in a group of these local people (so much for this instance, I will make it another story).

A colleague, whom basically your office buddy is your office friend, but sometimes they become your closest friend and you must appreciate them. “No man is an island” so don’t act as if you didn’t need these people around you.
Your friend, best friend, your buddy, no matter how you call them, they are your brother/sister outside the house. These are those who can sleep with you at home, those who spend more of time with after you reach your teenager years, the person who knows everything about your love, family, and almost all aspect of your life. You can trust hem but not too much, because at the end of the day, it is possible that they become you worst enemy.

A family which plays the most important part in your life, they are the one who build up your character from the time you were born up to the time you will die. No matter how you love or hate them, instill in your mind, they are your family, they will never leave you in your good and bad time... that’s the fact, you cannot change it...

My title: “People come and go… Only memories remains” seems not appropriate in the above mentioned things. What I really want to say is… Love all the people around you, respect them, and treat them right. Treasure each moment with them, spend time equally to each and everyone, especially with your family… time is very important, so don’t waste any seconds of your life without doing anything for them.

Because who knows, after this hour, they will soon leave you, everyone will going to leave you, you cannot do anything about this fact… because this is what life is… nothing is permanent… just make the most out of your time with them so if they leave you or you left, you all have the best memories, you will never forget for the rest of your life…

only MEMORIES remain…