Encode the HTML codes.

Hey guys. Here I found the websites that allow us to encode the HTML codes. The websites are:

1. Elliontswan Postable - this is best website for beginner to encode the HTML codes. You just need to copy the HTML code into the box and click "make it friendly". as simple as ABC right. ^^

2. Centricle.com - this website is same like above website. but, in this website, you also can decode the HTML codes. makes it more easier.

3. Francois BloggerPaste - oh, BloggerPaste is one of the most popular website to encode HTML code. You need to copy the HTML code and click convert. btw, you also can format tags, keep spaces and add blockquote by tick or untick the box.

4. Blogcowds Parse HTML - yeaa, just copy the HTML codes into the box and click PARSE. done!

5. SimpleCode - Enter normal (X)HTML in the markup box and press "Process". after that, you can delete the <code> </code> and copy the encode HTML code at the box Cut n' Paste.

It's really² simple to convert/encode/parse or wahtever la the HTML codes right. You didnt need a hard and mess code to do that. Just go to these websites, you can encode HTML code more easier without messy code anymore. [^_^]


  1. Akak, this tuto for what ye? Heeee

  2. @Badrina Ibtisam ooh, yg ni utk spe2 nk wat tuto tu, bleh la encode code guna website2 yg sy bg ni. ^^