Blogger Tutorial: Disable Right Click

I hate copycat! I hate plagiat!
we must stop them from keep copying or plagiat our works. yeahh~
disable right click is one of many way to protect our entry from the blog.

soo, what are you waiting for?
disable right click now on your blog.

First login your blogspot > Layout > Page Elements > Add a Gadget > HTML/JavaScript .

Copy (Ctrl+c) and paste this code:

Psss: you can change the message by changing text NO RIGHT CLICK!

OR you can use below code. there is no alert message will show.

AND one more. this code cannot highlight the text.

Ok guys, we're done. Protect ours and all the best ya. :D


  1. @Nurika Jianie . - ure welcome. :D

  2. zira zira hee :D
    code atas skly tu
    kne ubah kee ? or paste je ?
    ika dah uat mnyk kli tpy x leyh . .

    but yg lain boley...

  3. @Nur Zalikha - x payah ubah pape pun. just copy mane2 code yg ika nak, pastu paste dekat Layout > Page Elements > Add a Gadget > HTML/JavaScript.