Listen to my heartbeat! ♥

Dup Dap! Dup Dap!
Can you feel my heartbeat.
the heart that you stepped all over and left
is still beating. and it’s beating for you
no matter how hard i try to forget
no matter how many new thing i meet

why do i keep thinking of only you when i turn around
i don’t want to do this anymore. i want to stop.
no matter how many times i try and try to stop myself
it’s no use. my heart is broken. why?

why do i keep doing such foolish things
i know in my head, but why is my heart rebelling
i’m holding on to you and can’t let go.
it still feels like you’re next to me.
i can’t believe in farewell.

no matter what i meet,
i can’t open up one part of my heart
and i keep your place empty
there’s no reason for you come back,
but why do i keep thinking that you might come back
why isn’t my heart listening

listen to my heartbeat
it’s beating for you
it’s waiting for you
it’s wishing for you

it still hurts thinking of you.
i think of you every time my heart beats
i have to forget. i have to forget in order to live
i have to erase it.

don’t i know that it’s over.
i don’t understand why i’m like this
it still hurts thinking of you.
i think of you every time my heart beats

my heart is beating faster and faster.

from 2PM - Heartbeat lyric. (it shows what im feel right now.)
P/S: i edited from original lyric.

What exactly im thinking of?
what is the thing that always mess up my mind?
i dont want to talk about that.
its hurt me much..

but anyway, im still waiting for the answer of my ques.
maybe it was answered but i cant accept the answer because
it can make me HURT and HURT.
i hate to HURT.

but i always hurted and hurting.
Between of Hurt and Heart.
Both are same.
my heart was hurted.
it hurt my heart.

Take that.
sorry for my broken english. *whatheheck!

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